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Michael Thomas

I have been blessed with the gift of empathy, insight and clairvoyance from an early age. Throughout my childhood I began to experience a very  pronounced awakening and awareness of energy and vibrations beyond this earthly plane. While I knew the gifts to see beyond this plane were within me, it wasn't until my early 20's that the experiences of visions and out of body travel started to become more prevalent. At the age of 25 I was given a reading and told that if I did not start using my gifts, they would continue to poke and push me to do so more and more. 

I heeded that advice and the Universe swiftly put me in the path of a wonderful and great teacher who became a great mentor. She lovingly opened her arms and my mind to learn and refine the skills of Tarot, Hypnosis for both past life and current life regression, clairaudience, psychometry, spiritual counseling, and healing. 

For  40 years I have used these gifts of spirit to help as many people as possible, as much as possible. Having come out of a professional sales/consultant background, I am able to meld the gifts of spirit and the mundane world of business to not only assist people with matters of the heart, but with matters of how to improve their lives in business as well. I am a voracious student and teacher of what some would call The Law of Attraction. Known as well as The Power of Intention and The Frequency of Manifestation. 

A reading with me is more than just a session reading the Tarot. My goal is to provide you not only with insight and guidance from the messages of the cards; but to provide you with practical information and advice on how to manifest your best outcomes in every area of your life. 

My goal is simple:


To provide my clients with the information and tools to bring peace, awareness and understanding into their lives.


To help solve their most pressing problems, to give them hope in alleviating their fears, lack or limitation.


To do so in a peaceful, loving, respectful manner. I wish to be an instrument of peace for all whom I come in contact with and help light the way to understanding.​

$45 per half hour
$60 per hour
(in-person or by phone)
Starts at $90.000
(price depends on needs)
Starts at $90.00
(price depends on needs)


“What a beautiful soul this man has, when in his company you will be amazed by his many gifts, whatever your heart may need. I highly recommend him to help you find your way.” 

– Kim Setzer

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I look forward to the opportunity to assist you to live, to love and to grow in the peace and light of spirit. 

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