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Having spent the last 12 plus m0nths witnessing how people have reacted to the Covid pandemic, I am saddened, perplexed, and amazed. I surely am not the only one who has witnessed the hoarding of toilet paper and basic home supplies in the rush of making sure I get all mine before it’s all gone. I have witnessed the simple act of wearing a face mask to protect myself and others, turned into a narrative that our civil liberties are being taken from us. This past week, once again, I witness the hoarding and panic because much of North Carolina and the Southeast is dealing with a fuel shortage due to a pipeline being shut down.

I am not lost on the fact that gasoline is a precious commodity, but so is courtesy and kindness, respect for others. How did we get here? How did we get to a point where the only thing that matters is how much we can get and to hell with everyone else?

I see much more than that in my world. I see the seeds of awareness and awakening, albeit slower than I would like, it is still happening. The world is in chaos and change to be sure, embroiled within this chaos and change are birth pains of a higher frequency. The soul cries out to be heard, the pangs of old illusions and limitations are real and in the throes of their own death spiral.

When you arrive at the crossroads of change with tears streaming down your face, consider what the tears represent. Are they for sadness or joy? Or are they the realization that you have been unable or unwilling to walk the path your soul has chosen? Perhaps your tears are for the relationships you have had to sever in your desire to live truthfully, and for those who have turned away from you because they are not yet ready to see the truth within their hearts. Your tears may very well be for those times the truth revealed itself only to have you turn your gaze away, fearing even greater loss. Why do we give more power to our fears of the truth when our hearts yearn deeply to live it?

I believe it is because opening ourselves to the truth means those parts of us living in the shadows must either come to the light or die. Something greater beckons us forward, calling for the ultimate truth to reveal itself.

WHAT IF, we could all embrace the precept that each individual is unique and divine by nature, and that we refer to this divinity as the Christ within?

WHAT IF, we could embrace the knowing that there is a creative universal law that begins in the mind and ends in manifestation? If we want to change our world, we must change our beliefs.

WHAT IF, through prayer, meditation, respect, and courtesy, we can experience our individual and collective divinity and guidance?

WHAT IF, we stopped believing in the illusion that we live in a world of lack and limitation and that there is MORE THAN ENOUGH for all of us?

WHAT IF, we live our truth, acknowledge our connection to each other and transform the world?

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